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Frequent Miler on the Air

Apr 25, 2020

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This week Greg and Nick discuss:

-Citi's latest crazy move.
--Do recent developments on the credit card scene signal us to stop applying?
-Greg places to travel in the USA
--Our favorites from StayCay week 1
-And more!

00:28 Reader feedback: Should the "pod" have its own post?

4:35 A new segment: What crazy thing has Citi done this week?

6:40 Emirates sweet spots

11:24 American Airlines: The most customer-unfriendly airline? A new round of shut downs and increased bag fees.

15:40 Is here a new sheriff in town? Is he patrolling other programs?

17:54 Amex clawbacks unfair given COVID-19

21:25 Chase is tightening the belt. Will other issuers? Should we stop applying for Chase cards? What about other issuers?

31:10 Travel: What are the resorts that most excited Greg from his series this week?

47:42 StayCay Week 1 wrap up

1:02:17 Question of the week: Should one cancel a Virgin Atlantic award and transfer points to Hilton out of fear that Virgin Atlantic will shut down?