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Frequent Miler on the Air

May 13, 2023

Do Citi's unsung heroes make up the quintessential credit card quartet? Greg and Nick discuss the Citi card combo you might want to consider.

00:00 Intro

00:49 Giant Mailbag: Citi updates application rules

04:18 What crazy thing . . . did Hilton do this week?

08:52 Mattress running the numbers: IHG Timeshare offer for 3 nights + 50K points for $199 / $249

13:20 Award Talk: Booking Aer Lingus with Alaska Mileage Plan

20:42 Greg books British Airways via Asia Miles

24:25 Party of 5 Team Challenge

27:57 Main Event: Citi's quintessential credit card quartet

30:30 Card Talk: Citi Premier card

38:35 Card Talk: Citi Double Cash card

44:00 Card Talk: Citi Custom Cash

49:50 Card Talk: Citi Rewards+

57:00 Downsides of the Citi quartet

1:00:53 Curve card to rule them all

1:10:26 Are people missing the boat on the Citi Quintessential Quartet?

1:15:36 Question of the Week: Is it OK to buy store gift cards with an Amex card?

Music credit: Annie Yoder