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Frequent Miler on the Air

Aug 7, 2021

Chase has added Air Canada as an Ultimate Rewards transfer partner. Having new options is always good news, but is the news "great"?
  • 00:00:25 Giant mailbag (Airlines set award rates just above saver level)
  • 00:04:55 Mattress Running the Numbers: Hilton Amex Offer (20% rebate) + Triple points promo + Aspire card $250 rebate
  • 00:13:22 What Crazy Thing Did Southwest Airlines Do This Week? Southwest drops segments w/out notice. Many readers "enjoyed" the same treatment.
  • 00:20:09 Main Event: Is the addition of Aeroplan to Chase Ultimate Rewards really great news? Greg and Nick debate.
  • 00:45:44 New Chase Aeroplan credit cards expected in November 2021. Are we excited? What kind of welcome bonuses can we expect?
  • 00:49:25 Post roast. Nick takes Greg to task for failing to discuss how to manage points and credit card cancellations when in "two player mode" (e.g. when managing cards and points for a significant other.)
  • 00:55:55 Question of the week. A reader overpaid taxes (using a credit card, of course), but the IRS hasn't yet refunded the overpayment 6 months later. This is more of a caution than a question.