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Frequent Miler on the Air

Dec 17, 2022

American Airlines clearly is not a player-hater: the newly revamped AAdvantage Loyalty Points program seems to be designed with an eye toward gamification. Gone are the days when George Clooney's character from Up in the Air was the ideal of an airline's best customer because this new program values those of us who earn miles without flying. Listen in to hear us discuss our takeaways form this week's AAdvantage announcement -- and a lot more.

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1:00 Giant Mailbag: Thanks for the tip on how to use Dell credits

4:20 What crazy thing....did Capital One do this week?

9:31 Mattress running the numbers: Revamping our Reasonable Redemption Values for hotel points

22:19 Awards we booked this week: Apply Delta Upgrades online

30:26 Main Event: American Airlines takes elite gaming to the next level

1:00:08 Question of the Week: How do you know which hotels are eligible for the Hilton Aspire resort fee credit? A weird reader data point.

Music credit: Annie Yoder