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Frequent Miler on the Air

May 16, 2020

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Greg and Nick discuss:

-Qatar Airways's amazing flexible ticket promo. What's exciting, what's not, and is it ethical to game it?
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-Hilton's watchful eye: Did the claw back Greg's points in response to his post, or is it coincidence? Readers weigh in, we respond.
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-Transferable points report card: Did Greg rate Capital One too low?
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All that and particularly interesting reader feedback and question time this week. Timestamps and links to related content:

4:03 Reader feedback about wanting to use affiliate links
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9:46 Qatar's crazy promotion: How it works and what parts of it are actually notable (and which aren't)
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17:38 Are there ethical implications to taking advantage of the Qatar deal?
27:56 Is Hilton watching Greg? Readers have voted - do they think Greg's clawback was a coincidence or connection? What do we think?
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41:02 Transferable points report card: Is Capital One as bad as Greg rated them? Nick argues for better grades.
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1:04:29 Question of the week: Are the banks keeping tabs on whose links we use? Will they hold it against you if you apply through a particular blogger or referral?