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Frequent Miler on the Air

Nov 28, 2020

0:27 Reader feedback: The opposite of the "joy of free" is "the pain of fees".

6:11 What crazy thing did Citi do this week? First up: ThankYou points devaluation

12:04 Next crazy thing: Amex hides away 10x earnings on Platinum card.
14:17 link:

16:59 What crazy thing triple header! What happened to Delta this week?

21:10 Mattress running the numbers: Choice promo for 2K / 5K points for 2 or 3 night stays

23:32 Rocking Cyber Monday: Avoid the stress, beware the hype

51:41 Post Roast

Feeling thankful:

57:00 Question of the Week: Can you take back a suite night award and then get a do-over on the upgrade request? Should you?

Music credit: Annie Yoder

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