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Frequent Miler on the Air

Feb 20, 2021

00:40 Giant Mailbag: "It's like a 21c hotel on steroids"

3:52 What crazy thing...did Nick's wife do this week?

10:07 Mattress running the numbers: Last call for a Hyatt mattress run

16:50 Mattress running the numbers: Planning your Marriott mattress run

22:20 Main Event: Delta devaluations and sweet spots

Delta devaluation for partners to Europe:

40:12 Good uses of Delta miles:

50:45 Post Roast: I spy with my little eye...missing updates from the SeatSpy post!

55:58 Question of the Week: Does it make sense to get a VPN or Google Fi for a 4-month trip abroad?

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Music credit: Annie Yoder