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Frequent Miler on the Air

May 9, 2020

See for more from FM.

Greg and Nick discuss:

-Aeroplan mileage sale: Crazy deal, or crazy customers? Is Greg getting even crazier?

-Amex's different strategy for our northern neighbors: what they've got that we don't and whether or not we think they'll do something similar in the US

-Spa Week deal: I said this deal stinks and if you didn't click through to the post you might have missed Greg's comment about why it could be great. With Mother's Day around the corner, this could be worth pursuing

All that and more. Timestamps:

00:23 Reader feedback

4:01 What crazy thing did Citi do this week? ("Expiring" points after a product change - that won't really expire)

10:02 What crazy thing did Hilton do this week? 13:39 Aeroplan promotion: Points on sale May 7-13

18:40 Did Greg buy miles? Is he thinking about it? Should anybody buy? Why or why not?

23:52 Why were so many people buyers? Has our hobby gone mad?

25:13 We're always buying miles by giving up cash back to accept points.

26:51 Greg is going to transfer to Air Canada for elite status. Why??

31:55 Greg makes a prediction. We all know how he's doing with predictions this year.

32:26 Amex throws Canada a bone. What's with that? It's not Canadian Express. Will they increase redemption value stateside as well?

40:38 A deal that stinks...but doesn't. This is why you should click through and read the comments.

48:23: Question of the Week: Which card for groceries in August?