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Frequent Miler on the Air

May 2, 2020

Chase & Citi surprise, but Amex delights in their benefit refresh. Hear Greg & Nick talk about:

-Cards newly offering bonuses on groceries
-Overhaul of Amex card benefits. Did Amex take the Platinum cards from zero to hero?
-Which card wins: in several battles throughout the episode, we talk which card to use and why
-Do the changes make any cards must-haves now?

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00:27 Reader feedback. Pop quiz.
5:37 What crazy thing did Citi do this week?
8:46 Chase now bonusing groceries
14:07 3x CSP or 6x Marriott?
17:30 Is it worth buying GCs online to earn grocery bonus?
21:22 Is this all Chase is going to do?
23:31 Amex enhancements card-by-card
24:14 Consumer Platinum refresh
27:22 Is it worth sacrificing cell phone insurance to get the Platinum wireless service credit?
30:44 Business Platinum refresh
38:10 Greg says Personal over Business. Nick disagrees.
41:00 Hilton refresh
48:05 12x hilton vs 5x Chase vs 3x Chase
50:31 12x Hilton vs 4x Amex
51:26 Amex Green card refresh
54:42 Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant refresh
1:00:36 Delta consumer cards: Bum deal
1:03:12 A retraction from Nick
1:06:17 Revisiting Greg's bold satement
1:11:10 Question of the week: Which ultra-premium cards are now must-apply? Which is #1? #2?