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Frequent Miler on the Air

Apr 18, 2020

Subscribe here & at This week, Greg and Nick discuss:

-Frequent Miler site redesign: initial reader outrage, immediate adjustments, and how it is better today.

-Hyatt credit card promo: How much spending will Greg do toward Hyatt Globalist with this promo?

-Southwest: The response to the pandemic and the opportunity that may exist for converting "other" points to Southwest.

-StayCay to Far Away Challenge: This year the newly-expanded Frequent Miler team takes on an at-home set of video challenges. Early polling suggests an unexpected frontrunner.


1:17 Reader feedback: Our redesign (including our discussion about the redesign)

12:07 World of Hyatt credit card promo: Is it worth spending toward status? How much will Greg do?

23:04 Southwest's response to COVID-19

31:12 Potential opportunity to convert other credit card points to Southwest.

41:38: StayCay to Far Away: What the new challenge is and who the early front-runner is.

57:35 Question of the week: Should you proactively convert Citi Double Cash rewards to ThankYou points?

1:02: Tag question: Is the Double Cash worth a 5/24 slot?