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Frequent Miler on the Air

Apr 4, 2020

Greg and Nick discuss:

-How COVID-19 is impacting the business of Frequent Miler in a major way and what we and you can do to weather the storm.

-Awesome news from Hyatt

-Simon $1K VGCs are how online, but are they worth it?

-Going live: get notified the next time we're live on YouTube.



1:36: Reader feedback: Clarifying Citi application rules

7:12: How Frequent Miler makes money and will survive the COVID-19 crisis despite big hits to income

18:20: A very special thank you

32:00: What can readers do to support Frequent Miler given the current environment?

36:36: Good news: Hyatt keeps Greg's wrong prediction streak alive and now I've caught his bug.

44:33: More news: Now register to buy $1K Simon Visa gift cards online, but is it a good deal?

57:52: We were live and will be again. Join us. Subscribe.

1:03:43. Question of the week: Are gift cards FDIC-backed? Should we be concerned about holding them right now?