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Frequent Miler on the Air

Nov 21, 2020

00:17 Reader feedback: Can't leave a Stitcher podcast review?

2:21 What crazy thing did Citi do this week? A triple header!
1) Citi (3:26)
5% cash back for online purchase with a (semi) working registration website - stack with other deals

2) Barclays (8:35)
Crazy spending offers for existing cardholders! 60K points/miles with $3K spend - without a new credit card!

3) Choice privileges (14:23
Redeem fewer points for gift cards....except it doesn't work (and it's a bad deal anyway)

16:09 Mattress running the numbers: Is the Choice 70K points promo at all-inclusive resorts worth a mattress run to Mexico (or somewhere else?)

27:01 Main Event: Free points. Free money. Just ask.

52:44 Post Roast: Cash app. Are the wins way too small to care?

58:28 Question of the Week: Which card(s) should Kathy use to pay a $10K tuition bill right now?

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Music credit: Annie Yoder