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Frequent Miler on the Air

Aug 15, 2020

0:33 Reader feedback: A change in our ratings

4:57 What crazy thing did Citi do this week? Ritz-Carlton edition.

9:41 Mattress Running the Numbers: Choice 50K promo at all-inclusive resorts

21:41 Quick Hits: Southwest Travel Funds to points conversion: Do it or not and why?

28:16 Quick Hits: Get 10K miles from United MPX

32:42 Quick Hits: An easy 20K Aeroplan miles, almost for free

36:08 The new Aeroplan: What's changing and why you may or may not be excited

58:11 Post Roast: Greg picks at Nick's post

1:04:54 Post roast: Nick picks a few bones with Greg

1:11:20 Question of the Week

Music credit: Annie Yoder