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Frequent Miler on the Air

Mar 21, 2020

Greg and Nick discuss:

-Is this a good time to book future travel? We obviously don't know when "safe" will be, but maybe this is a good time to book for the future?

-Is it ethical to take advantage of the current no change fee policies?


-Should we cancel or downgrade annual fee credit cards? We can't travel now, we don't know when we'll be able to travel again. When is it time to cut the cord on expensive credit cards with benefits we can't use?

-How should people handle the travel industry's customer service collapse? Many people are reporting huge wait times, finger pointing (e.g. "call the airline" no "call the OTA"), wrong information.

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Timestamps (thanks to Screaming Lincolns on Youtube):

3:15 Is it really free? (Hotel Free Night)
5:13 Free Nights vs Award Flights w/Fuel Surcharges
10:50 Points/Miles Great Value Discussion
13:31 Main Topic: When to book travel?
15:56 June 1st???
18:18 British Airways Refund Trick [Hat Tip to Gary Leff at View From The Wing]
22:23 Spend all miles now???
23:00 Ethical Issue: Change Waivers
28:18 Where in the world would you like to be quarantined?
31:32 Greg's Travel Plans
34:06 Cust Svc/Changing Policies
39:09 Southwest's Travel Funds Extension
41:12 Credit Card Downgrades [Hat Tip to Grant Thomas at Travel With Grant]
43:30 Downgrade Strategy
53:41 What's in your wallet, NOW???
58:42 Nick's Morphosis :)
1:00:35 F-Bomb Averted :(
1:03:35 Question of the Week: Extending United Airlines Voucher