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Frequent Miler on the Air

Oct 23, 2021

1:05 Giant Mailbag

2:56 What crazy thing . . .triple header!

3:15 What crazy thing . . . did Amex do recently?

4:53 What crazy thing . . . did Cardless do this week?

6:46 What crazy thing . . . did Amtrak do this week?

8:53 Mattress running the numbers: How...

Oct 16, 2021

1:23 Giant Mailbag 6:04 Mattress running the numbers: Is it worth spending $15K on the JetBlue Plus card to get Mosaic status?

10:17 Main Event: Our favorite sweet spot awards

-Turkish Hawaii

Oct 9, 2021

1:07 Giant Mailbag

3:56 What crazy thing...did American Express do this week?

9:21 Mattress Running the Numbers: The Weak Link in Marriott's Week of Wonders

14:55 Main Event: Chase Battles for the Middle

Oct 2, 2021

00:51 Giant Mailbag

5:09 What crazy thing....did the Waldorf-Astoria Maldives do this week?

9:45 Mattress Running the Numbers: Is 129x Hilton points worth a mattress run?

15:02 Main Event: Disputing the Indisputable Best...

Sep 25, 2021

00:31 Giant Mailbag: The highs and lows of Passing the GUC

10:00 Mattress running the numbers: A Radisson promo that really is mattress-run-worthy.

15:50 Main Event: Marriott fans the rumor flames

45:41 Question of the Week: Could you use US Bank Altitude Reserve points to pay for your Maldives sea plane transfer?